How to Create a Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Marketing is not Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Direct Mail or any of the other terms that are thrown around everyday. Marketing consists of the Four P’s […]

How to Market your Brand on Twitter

Twitter is a very very noisy platform which is why I don’t necessarily think that it is the best place to post content to get your […]

How to Run Instagram Ads

Many businesses are looking to expand and grow their brand particularly in the paid ads space and everyone has been using Facebook ads and maybe they […]

How to Remarket or Retarget Using Paid Ads

The power of remarketing or retargeting is really powerful if you know how to do it right and you have a strategy. What you will need […]

Spend More Time Developing Your Relationships In Your Marketing

If you are going to build up a long term business the most important aspect of that business is to build a strong relationship with your […]

Why Video Marketing Needs to Be a Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Video is one of the best ways to demonstrate what your company stands for and it allows you to build a deeper relationship with your customers. […]

Marketing is always the same the distribution just changes

I was having a conversation with a client and they had asked about what if all of Facebook or Social Media went down tomorrow then what […]
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